Farewall day...not yet. [30/September/2015]

Today was a day of saying good bye, but it was also a hard working day. We had two tasks pending regarding our work on the Living Style Guide’s gem:

> Only one day left =(. [29/September/2015]

> Test...test... [28/September/2015]

> Challenge accepted!. [24/September/2015]

> More features for the live editor [23/September/2015]

> New features. [22/September/2015]

> Closer than ever. [21/September/2015]

> Super sync day. [18/September/2015]

> More progress with the live editor. [17/September/2015]

> More examples. [15/September/2015]

> Each time better. [14/September/2015]

> Happy with week's results. [11/September/2015]

> A really productive day. [10/September/2015]

> MEETING DAY [9/September/2015]

> A live editor with sinatra [8/September/2015]

> Beginning_app [7/September/2015]

> Sinatra has taken the stage [4/September/2015]

> Getting ready for the next task. [3/September/2015]

> Study day [2/September/2015]

> Changes for the show and hide task [1/September/2015]

> The last day of August. [31/August/2015]

> Progress day!! [27/August/2015]

> Another pull request :) [26/August/2015]

> Progress day!! [25/August/2015]

> Study day and many things to do [24/August/2015]

> Happy_weekend [21/August/2015]

> Research [20/August/2015]

> New Task, new learning [19/August/2015]

> How did you add the copy functionality? [18/August/2015]

> New Merges [18/August/2015]

> Coding Monday [17/August/2015]

> Be happy [14/August/2015]

> Halleluhah!!! [13/August/2015]

> Getting closer to finish search [12/August/2015]

> Almost there [11/August/2015]

> We see the light [10/August/2015]

> Failed attempt [7/August/2015]

> A long, long day [6/August/2015]

> Surprise [5/August/2015]

> Because learning english is our objective too, Translation DAY… !!! [4/August/2015]

> Third pull-request sent [3/August/2015]

> New Task, new learning [31/July/2015]

> Task mixture [30/July/2015]

> A day full of emotions [29/July/2015]

> The beginning of the adventure. [28/July/2015]

> Hard work: we are learning so many things [28/July/2015]

> The publication of our first blog-post [27/July/2015]

> Buttons everywhere [24/July/2015]

> The first Merge for the team. [23/July/2015]

> Sync Day :) :) [22/July/2015]

> A day of learnings [21/July/2015]

> Begin of the week [20/July/2015]

> First task finished !!! [17/July/2015]

> Hovers everywhere =) [16/July/2015]

> Hard but happy day [15/July/2015]

> The day that we did our first commit! [14/July/2015]

> Happy beer...:P birthday Steffi. [13/July/2015]

> Today is Fryday and the body knows . [10/July/2015]

> A productive day . [9/July/2015]

> Difficult day with happy end. [8/July/2015]

> A new day: the fourth day [6/July/2015]

> Gem's and style day. [2/July/2015]

> The first day. [1/July/2015]